Ouch….it hurts!

Pain. With. Sex. Yep, I said it out loud. Three words that no one wants to hear being put together. Why in the world would I want to talk about something so…shameful. Why would I even touch on that subject. Well, for one because it needs to be discussed. For two, I’ve experienced it. Yep, […]

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What is that falling out?!

So. Ladies. Let’s get really honest here. Everyone, hopefully, has heard of the term “prolapse” but who truly knows what it is? Do you? Are you able to explain exactly what is happening, what is causing it, or what it is? If not, have you heard of anyone suffering from prolapse? Yes, suffering. Prolapse can […]

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Learn to Relax and Listen!

Sometimes we go, go, go and never rest. We do not take the time to relax or spend time with ourselves. We push ourselves to the limit and assume being busy is what success is. We assume we always have to exercise and build strength and endurance and ignore the relaxation portion. The only way […]

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